What Makes The Perfect Scarf® So Perfect?

Tamara Hartley
Creator and Designer of
The Perfect Scarf®

In my room taking selfies in my favorite scarf. I can’t wait to see YOUR Style!

Hi my name is Tamara, and like many of you, I love all things fashion, especially scarves. But I stopped wearing scarves as much because I hated the bulky material around my neck. I also didn’t like the way scarves rubbed against my hair and caused it to stick out in all the wrong places. And at one time, I had long hair and scarves would rub against my hair causing it to break. So, I set out to solve these problems. I wanted to create a scarf that was chic and stylish and, at the same time, eliminate bulk and prevent damage to my hair.

I woke up one morning with an idea and made my first prototype (Trust me, you don’t want to see it!) I knew that I needed someone with superb sewing skills to help. Naturally, I called on the person that I can always depend on, my mom! My mother is a creative soul and has been sewing since she 8 or 9 years old. She is my business partner and together we created The Perfect Scarf®. I am the creator/designer and she is the seamstress who brought my vision to reality.

I love my Perfect Scarf®! I usually wear mine straight as shown in the photo (which I call the “Signature Style” because this was my original idea). I love it straight because its dramatic, and who doesn’t love a little drama (LOL)! All of my scarves are made from knit fabrics (polyester, rayon, spandex blends) because they have great stretch and hang and drape so well. I think my fabric choices aid in the uniqueness and versatility of the scarf. The Perfect Scarf® can transform any look. I especially love to wear it when I am dressed up for a night out on the town.

When I put together a focus group to test my concept, I was blown away at the creativity my Sisterfriends showed when styling their scarves. All of the many ways you see the scarf worn on the brochure and website came from their style and creativity. I am truly inspired!

I hope you enjoy your Perfect Scarf® and look forward to seeing how creative you are. Whether you wear it straight in the “Signature Style” or create something new, make sure you share your style and photos with me on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter @ThePerfectScarf.

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The Perfect Scarf® is a chic fashion accessory that will transform and upgrade any wardrobe. Its unique and patent-pending design eliminates bulk and makes wearing scarves more comfortable and versatile. Even when worn in traditional styles, the stretch fabric lays smooth against the body with ease and comfort.

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